It is here and I don’t know about you, but we are definitely ready to get moving more this summer. There are so many benefits to moving our bodies. I wanted to share an article from the Pathways to Family Wellness magazine about the power of movement.

Movement and Brain Focus

Did you know that movement and how kids move is vital to their ability to concentrate and focus? The amount and types of movements kids do is crucial for brain development, starting from the day they are born. Babies need space to stretch out and move, to learn to roll, pivot themselves, push themselves backward and army crawl. If babies spend to much time in containers aka swings, bouncy seats, etc… you may see they skip some of these crucial steps.

When our babies are doing these movements, we think it’s cute and fun (which of course it is…) but it’s also doing a really big job! Through those movements they are forming new neural pathways in their brains that will later help with concentration, focus and mood regulation. Movement literally builds stronger brains!

Then as babies get older and become toddlers they want to climb and jump off almost everything…at least my little guy does 🙂 and within reason we let him take those risks and let him figure out his limits. When he’s climbing up onto the table and swinging from the light (yes my little guy actually did this) he is also strengthening his vestibular and proprioceptive senses, which are vital to concentration and learning.

Older kids and even adults need to do this too! We need to get moving and go exploring. Swing on a swing and spin around…roll down a hill and do a cartwheel in the grass. This type of play is the perfect way to help kids strengthen both their bodies and brains!

Did you know that in order for your body and brain to make the most of all this movement, we need every joint moving and working properly too? If one of the bones in your spine isn’t moving properly, improper information will relay to the brain, impacting it’s development and perception of movement. If several bones aren’t working properly, now even more improper information get’s relayed to the brain. That is why getting kids checked and adjusted when needed is crucial! When their bones and joints are moving and working properly, they develop stronger and healthier nerve connections in their brains!

So, whether your child is a baby, toddler, young child, teen or even adult…it’s never to late to get moving and encourage more movement!

Taking movement breaks when your child is struggling to focus on their school work could help them actually be more productive when they come back to their work and get their work done in a fraction of the time. And don’t forget…this applies to adults too! 🙂

We all need movement to feed our brains….so get outside and do some cartwheels with your kids. You’ll create a fun connection with them and you all will come back to your work more energized, connected and focused….

Click here to read the full article Progress and Motion

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