We offer a wide range of exercise instruction, based on every person’s individual need. We realize that you can get adjusted regularly but if you aren’t moving your body, your results and success will be limited. We coach you on everything from simple stretches and mobility exercises to strengthening and endurance activities such as running. We also help you navigate how to get back into whatever sport or exercise you used to do. The more we can help you get moving, the more we all win.

“You are in great hands at Family First Chiropractic & Wellness Center. They are better than any other chiropractor I’ve seen. You will feel welcome and taken care of. The care about the whole you!”. – Amy Z, Stillwater, MN,

For our pregnant mom’s or mom’s with infants, we will help you navigate the physical challenges of pregnancy and postpartum with a new baby. Giving you stretches and positions to help you feel great throughout your pregnancy as well as how to stretch out and strengthen areas that commonly get tight from carrying around a newborn/infant. This is something I especially love working with women on and have seen a lot of success with in my patients as well as myself with each of my pregnancies.

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