Heidi’s Story….

My family searched for years for a chiropractor we could trust, and who also helped in pregnancy and with children. We didn’t realize when we started searching how difficult this would be! When we were pregnant with our fourth child, our doula told us about Dr. Angie. At first I visited her by myself, without the children, and found her so helpful with not only the adjustment, but also her knowledge and practical help for how I could better care for myself in pregnancy, that I scheduled an appointment for our whole family immediately.

That was almost 6 years and three births ago! I can’t imagine having those three children in pregnancy, birth and post pardum without Dr. Angie. Her expertise in pregnancy and caring for children has made all the difference for me—carrying babies in pregnancy more comfortably, preparing for birth, realigning after birth and caring for ‘momma sores’ of holding/carrying/feeding baby; and for our children–getting adjusting within hours/days of birth, and monthly thereafter for ear infections, teething, headaches, car sickness, and all the wear and tear of busy, growing children.

My husband was the most skeptical of all of chiropractors, and it didn’t talked long for him to esteem Dr. Angie based on her care for our family and his own experience of being adjusted by her skillful hands. He is a big guy, and he has found Dr. Angie has the confidence and strength to adjust him wonderfully. After a car accident, he went to Dr. Angie more regularly to help with his pain, and was impressed how steadily and quickly he received pain relief and healing through her chiropractic care.

Our children love coming to Dr Angie’s office, and send up cheers when I announce we’re headed for an adjustment there. Our 15 month old started climbing up onto the adjustment table recently and laid down in adjustment position, not letting anyone but Dr Angie come near! Even after his turn, when everyone else is adjusted, he climbs BACK onto the table because he loves it so much. And feels better afterwards. There are countless times the kids complain of an earache, and after a visit to Dr. Angie it’s no longer a complaint. Or an infant/toddler who hasn’t pooped for a while, who poops before we even leave Dr. Angie’s office after an adjustment.

I really could write a very long story, but what I most want to communicate is that Dr. Angie is reliable, great with kids, a specialist for pregnancy and children (from newborn to adults!), able to adjust anyone, a wealth of knowledge on health options, and a delightful care provider who really wants to help. I would (and have!) highly recommend her to anyone!                  -Heidi F. 

Prenatal/Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

There is nothing like the feeling of seeing a child with colic stop crying and fall asleep after an adjustment. We love taking care of pregnant moms! Chiropractic care during pregnancy offers a non-invasive & drug-free benefits for expecting mothers before, during & after the many changes of pregnancy.

Common Changes During Pregnancy Include;

  • Forward head posture often leads to neck and shoulder pain, as well as headaches and carpal tunnel
  • Tilted pelvis often leads to lower back pain and sciatica
  • Modified gait can irritate SI joints and hips
  • Increased stress & fatigue
  • Immune & digestive issues
  • Increased anxiety

Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments

  • Improved posture
  • Relieved pressure on the spine and nerves
  • Reduced tension & pain
  • A properly functioning nerve system leads to less stress and more energy
  • Promotes healthy immune and digestive function

It’s also not uncommon for moms to experience shorter labor times with less intervention and improved recovery from labor & delivery. We also love educating, empowering and giving guidance to expectant moms to give them confidence and certainty for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Happy baby after chiropractor adjustment

Healthy pregnancies & deliveries lead to healthy babies!

Holistic Mom’s Group

For all mom’s, we offer an holistic mom’s group on the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 10-11 am in our office. We will cover 1-2 articles from our Pathways to Family Wellness magazine and the last half of the class will be open discussion for mom’s to ask questions concerning how to raise their family naturally. It’s a free class, so bring your questions and your kids!

We also give away a free magazine for families called Pathways to Family Wellness. If you would like the latest issue give us a call or you can visit www.pathwaystofamilywellness.org for more.

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