Bringing Thoughts to Life!

One of the beautiful ways to create balance in our lives is to create a vision. To create a vision we need to decide where to start, so the first steps are meaningful and helpful to creating our healthiest self.

I welcome you to join Coach CC Clark, the owner of Vibrant Lifestyle Health Coaching, LLC. She is a Master Certified Health Coach, that will walk you through the steps to create a vision, by using your Wellness Wheel. She has a passion for helping others take all the thoughts in their minds and put them into action. Her ultimate joy is seeing her clients create plans, goals, and then bring them to life!

1. Balancing Your Wellness Wheel

A great place to start thinking about balance is to find the places we may need to focus more on. Check out this quick activity that allows you to think about these 8 areas of life: environmental, spiritual, emotional, social, occupational, intellectual, nutritional, and physical. When we have more of an idea on what this looks like, we can then dive in and work to grow ourselves in these areas.

2. Steps to create your Wellness Vision!

Step 1: I am (describe image of desired healthier self)
Step 2: I feel (describe how you feel as your healthier self)
Step 3: The skills and strengths I use (describe the skills and strengths that support your healthier self)
Step 4: When I face obstacles, I (describe how you use your strengths and strategies to overcome obstacles.
Step 5: My support system includes (describe people, places, resources that will support your vision of better health)

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3. Connect with Coach CC

If you are looking to learn more about the coaching process, feel free to connect with Coach CC at: or check out her website:

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