It looks like Hi-Guh-hee. It’s pronounced Hoo-Guh. It’s a Danish tradition and way of life.

Hygge is a wonderful approach to self care – it’s a
lifestyle of slow rhythms,
habit of togetherness, and
all-the-cozy-things (like coffee, baked goods, snuggly blankets, soft candlelight or even low-wattage lighting).

Beat the winter blues and combat the harried habits with some important soul care. The best thing about a Hygge Approach is that it’s unique to what fills your cup AND it can always involve others.

What if you took the time to authentically care for yourself and your family, without resolving by effort only? Sustainable and scalable effort comes from a really solid WHY. Your ‘WHY’ might must be tucked into this hygge-style exploration!

We’re going to take the time to explore some Hygge concepts as a practice family and across our social networks these next few weeks.

We cannot wait to engage with you and learn alongside you.

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