Firstly, let’s look at our diets. Before we support the growth of a baby we need to make sure our bodies are getting the proper nutrients. If you are not doing so already you should be eating a cleaner diet with less added sugars and preservatives. It is also known that women who start off at a healthy weight are less likely to gain more than the recommended 15-25lbs. Eating a healthy diet is just a part of making sure your body is ready for baby. It is important to get a lot of healthy fats into your diet at this time. I often recommend an avacado/day, using coconut oil for cooking or eating, and olives. These are all sources of healthy fats that help with fertility.

Exercise is also a very important part in preparing for a baby.

It is recommended that one exercise three times a week for at least 30 minutes. If you exercise before becoming pregnant it makes for and easier pregnancy and delivery. Added benefit of exercising before pregnancy is that when you do become pregnant you are still able to exercise the way you were before pregnancy. It is normally recommended that one not try new exercise regimes when pregnant. Exercises that involves squats and push ups are great for strengthening muscles that you will need for a healthy pregnancy and postpartum. I also love the many benefits yoga can bring with it’s focus on stretching, strengthening and breathing. I highly recommend a great yoga class at least one day per week. Many of the women I work with have very tight hips, and yoga is great at targeting this area.

Exercise in the autumn

Increasing the amount of vitamins and trace minerals in your diet will also be helpful before pregnancy, folic acid being most important. Folic acid is a great vitamin that is needed to properly form the neural tube which later forms our brain and spinal cord. Most people are deficient in trace minerals so now is a great time to start supplementing in the diet. Some have suggested that being low in the trace mineral magnesium, can lead to more nausea in your first trimester. It is important to eat a balanced diet and supplement if necessary to fill in the cracks your diet doesn’t fulfill.

Chiropractic Care and Getting Pregnant

Now you are probably wondering what chiropractic has to do with getting pregnant. To put it simply, when your nerve system is communicating with your body properly then it will be able to support a baby. Let me explain further… Many women I see are under a lot of stress and when we get their scan results, their scans show their body is stuck in what we call “fight or flight” mode. This is healthy if you are running from danger but it is very unhealthy if you are trying to sleep, eat or grow a baby. Your body needs to be able to switch this system on and off when necessary and yet we are often stuck in this response.

Regular chiropractic care has helped many women to become pregnant.

The consequence is your body isn’t interested in getting pregnant or growing a baby. It is concerned with continuing to be on alert from “danger” and protecting you first and foremost. Gentle chiropractic adjustments help your nerve system connect with your body and switch the “fight or flight” system off and move you over to a “heal and repair” system. When your body can do this efficiently and you have a strong nerve to body connection, you can have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

So if you or your spouse have babies on the brain, keep these tips in mind as well and let me know how we can help!

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