I absolutely love working with pregnant moms! I have been working as a pediatric chiropractor for over 8 years but it wasn’t until I had my first daughter, Alivia, in 2012 that I truly realized the impact and benefit chiropractic adjustments have on pregnant women as well as my love and passion for it.

I felt really good throughout my entire pregnancy, with the exception of the first 20 weeks of morning sickness, and I owe it all to my regular adjustments, eating well and exercising regularly. Throughout both of my pregnancy’s adjustments kept me feeling good and working until I went into labor.

Between working with babies and young children in my office and now having two daughters of my own, I realize I can have the greatest impact on a child’s health by adjusting a mom before her precious baby is born.

When working with children, often the first questions I ask are about the birth process because these have had the biggest impact on their baby so far. I am often told about various interventions that were used, that the parent did not wish for but became necessary for the health of the mom and child. I then would start gently adjusting the baby and working with the parents to help get their child healthy again. Many of these children were presenting with colic, reflux, gassy and upset tummies, fussiness, not sleeping well, and various other concerns.

Now, I love working with these precious babies but I began to realize that I needed to reach out to mom’s while they were pregnant because this could help keep them and their newborn baby as healthy as possible both in-utero and from the first day they are born.

When a pregnant mom gets adjusted, the benefits include:

  • A safer, more gentle birth
  • Shorter labor and delivery
  • Easier labor
  • Less likely the need for interventions (i.e. Pitocin for inductions, forceps, etc.)’
  • Easier postpartum healing for mom
  • Easier postpartum for baby
  • Faster recovery time

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If you are looking to find a chiropractor near you that specializes in pediatrics, take a look at the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association’s (ICPA) website for more information. Doctors of chiropractic who have been certified through the ICPA have extensive knowledge on how to best care for families, pregnant women, and especially the most important little ones in our lives!

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