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Joyful Beginnings Doula”

Welcome to Cassandra’s Corner! Here you will find information, articles, Q and A’s, and more relating to pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and your precious newborn! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions or suggest topics when you are in the office!

What exactly IS a Doula?
A doula is someone who provides physical support, emotional support, and educational support to women from pregnancy, up through delivery of their new little one! Doula is Greek for “female helper”. Want to learn more about the benefits of a doula and how they may be of help to you? Check out this article below from the American Pregnancy Association!

Have a Doula: Is A Doula For Me? 


***I am also having my first event! Come and talk about all things from pregnancy through postpartum! Bring a friend, you won’t want to miss it!***

Bellies, Birth, and Babies Talk

Do you know how to have the type of birth you want to have?
What can you and your partner do to help during labor?
How do you get a Good start on breastfeeding successfully?

Come and discuss all of these and more at the Bellies, Birth, and Babies Talk!

Thursday, October 26th
Family First Chiropractic & Wellness Center
$5 being donated to Everyday Miracles

RSVP to thejoyfuldoula@gmail.com

Seats are filling up Fast!

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