Follow these simple steps:

  1. Your adjusting time is your healing time. Turn your awareness internally to your body and let go of the outside pressures of home, work, and life.
  2. Please lay face up as soon as an adjusting room is available. Relax and consciously clear your mind and body, letting go of any stress pent up within. Develop calmness as you prepare your body for the adjustment.
  3. There is incredible power with every adjustment, so it’s essentially neurosurgery without a scalpel. Focus your mind’s eye internally on your energy being released and your Life Force being restored, thus empowering your adjustment. See and feel the nerve impulses and energies being released to your organs, tissues, and every cell in your body. See yourself as a well-orchestrated symphony of trillions of cells beautifully conducted by your nervous system.
  4. Allow yourself to heal. Know that your innate intelligence is completely capable of healing your body and allow the Life Force inside you to do so.
  5. Rather than automatically leaping up after an adjustment, take a few breaths and move purposefully. You have the opportunity to live an abundant, vital, and inspired life with optimum performance at every level.
How We Adjust

If you have spent any time in the office, you realize that we do not adjust you the same way every time you come to the office. You also realize that we do not adjust the same areas every time. I’m sure you realize that there are many different areas we could adjust you, and that the combination of possibilities is enormous.

What you may not realize is that there are many different ways a subluxation could be adjusted depending on the chiropractic technique that we judge would be the best for you. It should be obvious to you that we would never use the same technique on a healthy 25 year-old man that we would use on a 3 month-old infant, or one of our senior citizen patients. Everyone is adjusted in a way that is best suited for them and we have the ability to change techniques to customize our adjusting to suit you. In fact, there are three major types of chiropractic adjusting techniques for us to choose from.

One approach is based on the bone and its misaligned position in the spine. These techniques require us to actually move the spinal bone from where it is towards where it should be. Sometimes this type of adjustment is done by hand and sometimes with an instrument. Sometimes it is performed with a quick motion and other times a special table is used. In all cases, the approach we use is the one that is both most effective and most comfortable for the patient.

A second type of chiropractic technique us more muscle-based. These approaches require us to place you in a very specific position prior to the adjustment so that the muscles are doing more work and we can, in turn, do less and accomplish the same result.

A third category of chiropractic technique is more subtle than either of these other approaches for people who require a very soft-touch approach. Even though bone is not moved in the adjustment directly, these techniques are very effective in assisting you to move the bone through your activities of daily living.

Our desire is to get the best results with the least strain on either of our parts!

Wellness Chiropractic Adjustments: Remove Subluxations and Restore Health

We learned with the first component of the chiropractic paradigm that the body is a self healing organism. In the next component, we discovered that our nervous system is what is responsible for the function of every cell, tissue, and organ in our body. In the third component of the chiropractic paradigm, we found that subluxations damage the ability of our nervous system to communicate properly. The fourth component taught us that the interference to the nervous system from subluxations is devastating to our health potential, even life threatening.

Finally, the fifth component taught us that the power of the chiropractic adjustment was to correct subluxations, re-establish nerve flow, and restore health! It is every individuals goal to live a healthy and vital life. It is physiologically impossible to live a healthy life as long as there is nerve interference due to subluxation. When your nervous system is restored with a chiropractic adjustment your body begins to regenerate and revitalize itself. Your Life Force and inborn potential are housed in your nervous system. With your chiropractic adjustment they are released and your body begins to heal from within. In our office, we take pride in saving peoples’ lives with the power of a chiropractic adjustment.

The chiropractic adjustment is not just for back and neck pain, it’s designed to remove nerve interference and restore health and well-being to your body. The adjustment is like turning the power back on from a blown fuse. A wellness chiropractic adjustment is the cornerstone to achieve and explore the essence of a rich and rewarding life experience.

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