Thousands of Americans die of heart attacks each and every year, and the heart attack is their first sign of disease. Statistically, in cases of fatal heart attacks the attack was the very first symptom in over 40% of the male population. Think about it… have you ever had a friend who was feeling great, had a PAP smear, a mammogram or chest x-ray and was given bad news several days later? Cancer doesn’t develop in just a few days and yet they were feeling well.

Do you know someone who has Diabetes? You know that as long as they are taking a proper quantity of insulin they have no symptoms and are feeling great. Meanwhile, the disease continues to ravage their body over time, producing circulatory problems, nerve system disorders, kidney damage, and eventually blindness.

You can’t wait until symptoms develop before you decide to maintain or regain health… it might be too late!

Your Body is a Self-Healing Organism

The body is a self-healing organism; it has the ability to heal itself without drugs and surgery. For instance, if you cut your arm, the body can heal the cut without bandaids or antibiotics. Your body has within it an inborn ability to heal itself. In fact, all living things have the ability to heal themselves naturally.

If your body has the ability to heal itself, why doesn’t it? The answer?

Sometimes we don’t give our body enough time to heal on its own or the actual cause of the problem may still be present and is interfering with the healing process.

Most patients who develop health challenges search for a pill or a potion to relieve their discomfort instead of locating the cause of the problem and removing it. By removing the actual cause, it allows our body an opportunity to heal naturally.

For example, infections are not a lack of antibiotics in our blood stream; they are caused by a suppressed Immune system. Why is your immune system suppressed? Poor diet, no exercise, stress, or maybe nerve interference. If the body is a self-healing organism, why take medicine? Why not find out why the body isn’t healing itself like it should and remove that interference?

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