Every living thing on our planet possesses an innate knowledge as it comes into creation. Wonderful examples of this can be found in nature. Each tree unfurls its leaves and blossoms at exactly the right moment for its personal stage of growth. We witness this same inner knowing unfold as a baby nurses for the first time, never having been taught to do so beforehand. As humans, we are all born with a natural drive to learn, create, and be one with our surroundings. As we grow older, it seems that most of us forget this truth.

We forget how our bodies are actually capable of functioning on their own, and that we usually know what is best for ourselves and our children.

Life also holds an abundance of learning opportunities. There are times we may struggle to maintain a sense of balance and harmony in our lives. In these times, we all could use a gentle and loving reminder to help us get back on track. A hug from your partner after a trying day with the kids or a chiropractic adjustment after a collision playing tag might be just the nudge we need to fall back into step, emotionally and health-wise. These struggles also serve as a wake-up call, guiding us toward a new way of thought that futures who we are in a gentle and trusting way.

Our bodies find numerous ways to call us back to a place of overall well-being. Fevers ward off nasty intruders, and major illnesses alert us to make major dietary and lifestyle changes. It is in these places of distress that we have the opportunity to strengthen our core, as well as to take a hard look at what life means to us. Everything happens for a reason and our bodies are constantly working toward a state of balance. Remembering how our body does these things to protect itself, we can trust that it can also heal itself properly without forced intrusion.

Chiropractic is one of the most profound forms of holistic  healthcare. Gentle adjustments correct subluxation and bring our bodies and minds back to a place of balance and clarity

When our bodies are in balance, they can function at optimum levels. When our spines are aligned we can grown and thrive as we were intended to, warding off unnecessary illness and discomfort. We also feel at peace with ourselves and our surroundings when our minds are clear. This mentally gives our families freedom and ensures that their bodies are always functioning well. Our bodies are our vehicles in this lifetime. Just as we treat our families gently and with respect, it is natural to treat our bodies the same way. Chiropractic provides a gentle approach to healthcare, nurturing us inside and out, and helping us to be the best we can be.

Outside our bodies are our families; outside our families is society. As a whole we make up the world. If we take the time to nurture ourselves, our bodies, and our children we can affect the world as a whole. The next time you feel out of balance or under the weather, take a few moments. Listen to what your body is truly saying.

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