Each chiropractor has a set of tools to help give their patients the best adjustment possible. At Family First Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we utilize several techniques to that are gentle and specific.
1. Manual/Diversified Technique

Each chiropractor first learns how to adjust using their hands. Some chiropractors keep using this technique while others like to use instruments. Since each chiropractors hands are just as different as our fingerprints adjustments from different chiropractors will feel different.

2. Activator/Integrator Technique

We have two separate yet similar tools, commonly called “the clicker” or “the pogo stick” by some of the kids in our practice. The activator/integrator work by using less force and 10X the speed of a manual adjustment or adjustment by hand. This technique delivers a gentle and precise adjustment every time! It is helpful and useful for toddlers that are on the move and we need to adjust them quickly, when someone is very sore or tight, and when we need to be very gentle with our adjustments such as with a newborn baby or someone that doesn’t like the sound of manual adjustments.

3. Drop Piece Technique

The drop piece or Thompson technique is when a part of the table rises and with a quick and gentle thrust of the chiropractor, the table drops at the same time. The inertia forces of the body dropping travel through the targeted joint and muscles. This technique allows for a lighter adjustment without the twisting positions that are used with a manual adjustment. This technique is very powerful and yet gentle at the same time. We commonly use this technique in the lower back to correct subluxations in the pelvis.

If you have any questions regarding these different techniques and which may be right for you do not hesitate to call and ask our doctors!

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