What first brought me to chiropractic was pain in my neck, shoulders, and upper back. I have been dealing with this pain for over 10 years. Since starting chiropractic care plan my health has been better. I’ve had fewer allergies symptoms, and I have been sick less often. I’ve also been able to be more active. I am back at the gym and getting back to the person I once was.

Dr. Angie is one of the BEST chiropractor’s I know and I have gone to many before. Trudy is always happy and very helpful. Malia gives the best massages and keeps my body free of knots (or try too). The staff ROCKS here!!! Chiropractic care is a lot more than just adjustments it takes care of your whole body inside and out. Oh one more thing, they teach you a lot about chiropractic care and other stuff too.”
-Tina S.

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