• Drink a glass of water 1st thing in the morning. If this might be particularly challenging for you, put a water bottle next to your bed at night so it’s ready for you! Want to take it up a notch? Add lemon to your water!
  • Belly laugh every day! There is so much healing in a good laugh. It boosts the immune system too! Watch a funny clip or movie, read a joke or compile a library of videos on YouTube that always make you laugh.
  • Never underestimate the power of a deep breath. 1 single deep breath can help decrease your stress hormones and truly reset your body and immune system. When taking a deep breath try to fill up your lungs to the front, sides and back of your body. Really use ALL of your lungs…not just the front or chest. It will feel really good.
  • This one won’t be popular or liked….turn off all screens once it gets dark. The artificial light is messing with your melatonin and keeping you from sleeping well. Use this time to connect with your family. Play board games, read a book, take a hot bath and stretch. It’s a good time to start winding down for everyone….both kids and adults. We are reading Little House on the Prairie and last night we pretended to be the Ingall’s family. We kept all the lights off and used “candle light” to live by at night. (I have young kids so I used fake candles). The kids loved it and I think it will be something my oldest will always remember. (If this idea seems to daunting, just try it for one night…maybe it’s one night per week or maybe you just turn off the screens 2 hours before bed. Progress not perfection!)
  • Try a new fruit or vegetable each week. Maybe it’s one you’ve never had before. Research a new recipe to make with it or new seasonings to put on it. If you tend to eat the same few vegges (like we do)…you could pick a new color each week to focus on.
  • Make your own desserts…if you’re going to have sweets and treats, why not make them homemade. This way you can avoid the artificial ingredients and they are made with love.
  • Get outside! Yes, it gets cold but you just need good gear. Layer up and get outside everyday. Fresh air and time in nature is good for the heart and soul. If it’s snowing, act like a kid. Catch a snowflake on your tongue and make a snow angel. Have some warm apple cider when you come in and curl up under a nice blanket and read a book.
  • Move everyday! Now…this may seem like to much to some so set the bar low…do a minimum of 1 minute (yes, that’s just 60 seconds) of movement per day. You could do some air squats, running in place, going up and down your stairs, push ups or simply moving your arms in place really quickly. It doesn’t need to be fancy and you don’t even need to change your clothes. No excuses! Everyone can find 1 minute in their day to move! Have more time…fantastic! Do more!
  • Prioritize sleep. This is the one thing that is usually the very last thing we do for ourselves but our bodies and brains really need sleep. As a culture, we take pride in being busy and getting things done. That is often at the expense of our sleep. You can start changing that by realizing how valuable sleep is and how much more productive and healthy you will be when you are getting enough! Make sure you have a great pillow and mattress. Never sleep on your stomach and check out the tip above about screen time before bed. These simple things will really pack a punch.
  • Ground yourself in the little things…a great stretch, a hot cup of coffee in the morning while the kids are still sleeping.
  • Just take the next best step. That is all you can do. Just keep moving forward. Progress over perfection.
  • GET ADJUSTED! We have countless studies as well as testimonials on how adjustments may help you sleep better, have more energy, move easier, boost your immune system resulting in less colds/flus, feel great, etc… Your nerve system controls and coordinates every part of your body. When you get adjusted, we restore healthy nerve flow to all parts of your body, giving you the ability you be at your best! Make sure you get checked and adjusted on a regular basis to stay at your best!
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