When most people come into the practice, they are coming in “for” something and are carrying with them a particular symptom which they want rectified instantly. They have usually tried everything else: pills, herbal mixtures, a new exercise, fads, and other health care professionals. Most have found one or a combination of them didn’t deliver what “it” promised, or rather what they were expecting, which is usually instantaneous relief.

We are constantly in search of one thing that will make us better, more stable, or which will ultimately take the pain and/or discomfort away. We generally want the pleasure without the pain. Pleasure and pain are inversely proportional to one another. The innate intelligence of the body, however, is constantly searching for the balance point where there is harmony, for example, between the pleasure and pain experience. There is no world in which only pleasure exists; there is both good and bad. We have all emotions within us. To expect one without the other is to set ourselves up for a fall in the equal and opposite direction.

There are no “outside-in” approaches in chiropractic. Chiropractors work with the body’s innate knowledge and understanding to allow the body to reach new states of being. The spinal column houses the most precious piece of machinery every designed: the central nerve system. This allows us to have a plethora of physical, chemical, and emotional changes take place independently or all at the same time. How ingenious!

Your nervous system allows for vital accurate information to be communicated between your brain and body and back again. Where there is interference there is also a decrease in your body’s ability to express health, whether it is physical, chemical, or emotional. An adjustment allows us to be the best we can be, to reach our full potential and function at our optimum level.

There is no discrimination against sex, age, race, religion, or species. If you have a nerve system, then it is important to get it checked.

The Vital Truth

If you mask the communication in your body, your body creates new ways in which to awaken you yo what is occurring internally.

Listen to your body’s messages and make the changes.

Seek other understandings in health and vitality.

Give your family the gift of regular adjustments.

The Vital Questions

Will you incorporate chiropractic care into your life and the lives of your family?

Do you know of a child and/or a parent who could benefit from regular care and a new found understanding of how the body functions?

Are you ready to explore options that may appear contrary to popular medical opinion?

Head Over Heels for Barefooting

bare feet

Many health experts are in agreement that bare is the healthiest state for your feet to be in. In his book, Take Off Your Shoes and Walk, Simon Wikler, D.S.C., makes the case that practically all modern men’s and women’s shoes have no relation to the natural shape of the human foot.

The results of a barefoot childhood:

  • Fewer instances of deformed toes
  • Greater toe flexibility
  • Greater ability to spread the toes
  • Denser muscles on the bottom of the feet
  • Greater agility than those who had never gone barefoot
  • Better hip circumduction and more flexibility of the gluteal and hamstring muscles

Adults who go barefoot experience the following benefits:

  • Naturally shaped feet, including straighter toes free of corns, hammer toes, bunions, and calluses in the wrong places
  • Well-shaped legs resulting from a natural and balanced gait
  • A more natural motion, free of the weight brought on by shoes
  • Prevention of blisters, ingrown toenails, and plantar warts

Modified excerpt from: Real Change by Sarah Farrant, DC and Head Over Heels for Barfooting by Bill Ades

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