Here is one of my favorite videos that I recommend often…..

This is great for your little one who is fidgety, having a hard time sitting still, trouble concentrating, and possibly bed wetting . There is a reflex we are born with called the galant reflex. It happens normally as an infant is wiggling out of the womb and can sometimes be referred to as the wiggle reflex. Sometimes with stressful pregnancies or births and c-section babies, this reflex can be absent in some infants. Many infants can seem fidgety or irritable if the reflex is surpressed. Later on in life, this can also cause some attention issues, bed wetting, irritability, aggression and even lead to learning disabilities.

We are trying with this exercise to retrain the body and naturally re-develop the reflex to calm him or her down. It’s also fun and a good way to get your kiddos moving in the winter while helping heal their little bodies! This should be done 5x a week 2x a day for about 4 weeks.

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