For the month of December we have decided to share with you a Holiday Fitness Calendar; this calendar will provide you with one exercise per day until December 24th and help provide you with a the stepping stones toward a stronger back and core.

These exercises are very simple and easy for individuals of all ability levels and only need to be done once per day! How easy is that!

This is especially important during the holiday season for a host of different reasons. Not only are we typically more stressed during the holidays but the snow and sleet make it difficult to walk safely on the icy sidewalks and parking lots. When we have a weak back and core we become far less stable and have difficulty balancing.

By strengthening and training those deep intrinsic core and back muscles we are much more able to correct, balance, and stabilize ourselves in the event of a slip on the ice. 

The link below will take you to the individual exercise of the day, as well as give you further instruction and a video on the exact necessary movements. If you, however, would like a copy of the calendar for yourself personally to print out and hang on your fridge as a reminder simply email us at:

Link to Exercises

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