Very seldom will it work for everyone in your family to go cold turkey

It can be difficult and stressful moving from the Standard American Diet to a clean nutrient dense diet. What I see happening is that someone decides that it is time to change the way your eating. You go get kale for kale chips, start making bone broth, stop baking, buy a tub of coconut oil. By the way all these things are really great to do. But all at once implementing these changes and your family can freak out. It becomes stressful. Next time at the grocery store you buy your standard groceries because you know your family will eat them. Then you can feel so defeated for not making it stick. I GET IT!!!! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!

So, let’s start with some simple changes.

This is from Real Life Paleo by Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry of Paleo can be a great way to eat. But I am not saying everyone should eat this way. I just really like this chart. I think it has great ideas to transition. Often the “Best” section here has recipes that the book supples. But please don’t feel you have to use them. This book is great. It talkes about grocery lists and where to shop. Even some meal planning.  As well as recipes mentioned earlier.

But back to our topic, Look at what your family currently eats and what could be a simple adjustment.



We’ll start with breakfast..

If you do cereal, try gluten free or corn cereal. Do you eat oatmeal? Going from single servings packets of oatmeal with tons of sugar and flavors to rolled oats topped with honey and fruit. If you don’t think you can drop the favorite cereal try smaller portions and add a side protein, a cooked egg.

Pancakes… There are tons of healthy recipes for pancakes, check Pinterest. I make pancakes almost every Sunday. 1 ripe banana, 2 eggs and 1 tbs almond butter mix n blender, Can add vanilla or cinnamon or blueberries what ever you like. The batter will be thin so your pancakes will be small. This recipe is easy to double to triple and they freeze great.

Moving on to lunches..

How can you ditch the bread? This link has 15 alternative options to breadless sandwiches.

Surprising there are lots of options. Make little sandwiches with cucumbers as the bread. Make lettuce wraps. Even start with cutting out one slice of the bread and have an open sandwich or just half sand and add bit more protein, nuts or veggies or fruit. Be patient… This takes time you are detoxing, and adapting. But it is so worth it. Eating healthier impacts digestion, metabolism, focus, energy, even immune system.


-Written by: Malia Weinhagen,

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