What first brought my family to chiropractic was:

My birth doula’s recommendation after she witnessed Dr. Angie helping a mom in labor. We were expecting our 4th baby and experiencing hip/back pain, and both my husband and my backs had previously “gone out” before, leaving us really impaired for a while. We were looking for a chiropractor who could help our whole family and be a person we could trust had our best interests in mind. We found both in Dr. Angie.

Since starting my family’s chiropractic care plan, our lives have been impacted in the following ways:

We have learned quite a bit about natural ways to work with our bodies for health and healing, and we consider the wonderful chiropractic care from Dr. Angie to be a central part of that equation. Our 5 children love getting adjusted and ask, “When can we go to Dr. Angie again?” My 2 pregnancies with Dr. Angie’s care have been much smoother than the previous 3 (which were without her care).

Here is what other should know about Family First Chiropractic:

It works and is worth it! Family First Chiropractic is a place you can trust – they are on your side and want the best for you. They are informative, kind and great at what they do!!

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