I have been a patient of Dr. Angie’s for over three years. During my pregnancy I got adjusted once a week and it really made a difference.

So, when our daughter was born, it just seemed natural for Ruby to start getting adjusted, too.

When Ruby was five months old, she fell out of her high chair and fractured the back of her skull in two places. The first few days after the accident were really tough. Ruby wouldn’t sleep unless she was being held upright, she barely ate, she whimpered all the time, and my baby who never wanted a pacifier before, suddenly couldn’t get enough of one.

Four days after her accident I called Dr. Angie and she told me to bring Ruby in right away.

After her first adjustment, Ruby ate better, took a nap, and the pacifier came out! We brought her back two more times in a five day span. After her third adjustment she was back to herself! She was eating again, sleeping better, talking again, and wanting to crawl around.

“If I hadn’t believed in chiropractic care before Ruby’s accident, these adjustments would have made me a definite believer! My husband and I are so grateful for Dr. Angie.”

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