Instead of putting our complete trust in medical professionals because “they’re doctors.” The only time we’ve needed a hospital in the last three years is for stitches. Dr. Angie has been able to help us heal from everything else, including hip pain, neck pain, sprained ankles, bad knees, chest pain, and more.

Dr. Angie has supported us as we learn how to trust our bodies.

We’ve gone through Whooping Cough and Roseola without a single drug or hospital visit. Lindsey has labored, delivered a baby, and recovered completely without a single drug. Now we look at what most people call “sickness” as our bodies doing what is necessary to be strong and healthy.

Mendle Family
Meindl Family photos used courtesy of Michelle Huber Photography.

Dr. Angie has taught us that without the proper diet, we can only get so far.

Our whole family, including a three and four-year-old, have completely eliminated grain, dairy, soy, legumes, and refined sugar from our diets. We have more energy to play together and we stay adjusted for a longer period of time without the inflammation caused by all of those foods.

Dr. Angie’s “castle” (as our three year old calls it) has become a sort of home for us.

The kids can’t wait to get there and we’re always in high spirits when we leave (with an apple!)

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