Day 1: Chiro Clickers and Stuffed Animal Adjusta-Pets 

Chiro Clickers: Do your kiddos love coming to our office to adjust the pop-its or the stuffed animals? Well, maybe consider getting their very own clicker to take care of all of their cuddly stuffed animal friends at home!

Chiro Clickers

Ask us for a discount code!

Stuffed Animal Adjusta-Pets: Stuffies! Stuffie snuggles! These Adjusta-pets can get adjustments too! These toys make popping sounds like you might hear when getting adjusted (maybe even it’ll sound like “popcorn”) when you press on their back. Time to practice becoming a chiropractor!


Day 2: Pop-its, Bubbles and Expanding Toy Balls 

Pop-its: Fun little gadgets like the pop-its can be perfect to help keep your child entertained; (and chiro clickers fit perfectly in each bubble!) The endless popping provides soothing and calming activities for the young ones or adults of all ages. 

Gravity Bubbles: Provide endless hours of entertainment from the calming, descending bubbles. They provide gentle visual stimulation based on the bright colored drops that rain down slowly when flipped! It’s sort of like a hand-held lava lamp! But these gravity bubbles don’t hold back on the fun, at all! 

Expanding Toy Ball: A great stress reliever and fidget toy. It’s a cross between a ball and a star that starts off small; but expands into a lattice-like globe! 

Breathing ball instructions: Relax and calm your mind. Hold the ball in front of your belly, take a deep breath in while expanding the ball and exhale slowly while contracting the sphere. Can you make it to a 4-count as it expands or grows smaller?

All three of these toys are wonderful sensory toys perfect to soothe and help people of all ages remain calm, focused, and entertained.

Amazon is a fantastic place to find all these wonderful trinkets, or check out Good Things Kids in downtown White Bear Lake for some other awesome fun, interactive toys and games.

Day 3: Chiropractic Picture Books 

Less screen time, more connected quality time this holiday season. This stocking stuffer idea is all about reading! Story time is such a fantastic way to spend time with the little ones. What better topic to read about than the power of your own body. Isn’t it cool to hear about animals going to the Chiropractor, as well?!?! Three super awesome reads include Iggy the Inchworm Visits the Chiropractor, The Greatest Thing, and Sammy the Centipede Goes to the Chiropractor.

Iggy the Inchworm Visits the Chiropractor

The Greatest Thing

Sammy the Centipede Goes to the Chiropractor

Day 4: “Giant Microbes”

Giant Microbes: Exploration and education with googly eyes; what a wonderful combination! Giant microbes are a fantastic way to enjoy, inspire, and learn with education in every box. An awesome gift idea for the learner or scientist in your family that provides an awesome opportunity to learn more about the human body! 

Giant Microbes

Day 5: Pathways Magazine

Pathways magazine: Parenting can be hard and sometimes you don’t know where to turn for natural, holistic advice with tactical tips. Well, this magazine has some awesome strategies to help enhance your family life. Pathways magazine has articles to support your parenting journey with many holistic, or practical at home ideas, to support your whole family in living vibrantly. The articles range from a few paragraphs to a few pages so there is always a length option that best serves you during the hustle and bustle of life.

Pathways Magazine

Ask us for a code for 60% off! 

Day 6: Bio coffee and Moringa Hot Chocolate

Bio coffee: What grown-up doesn’t love a caffeine boost in the morning…or anytime of the day for that matter! BioCoffee is awesome as it is organic and the only alkalized coffee out there! It contains wheatgrass, fiber, prebiotic, probiotic, amino acids, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and enzymes providing a wide array of health benefits while still tasting delicious! 

Moringa Hot Chocolate: Some warm cozy drinks during winter are especially fun, and this type of hot chocolate is even healthy! Don’t worry, we won’t tell the kiddos about all the nutritious components unless you tell them! The healthy components include calcium, potassium, Vitamin A, protein, chlorophyll, iron and numerous other antioxidants, omegas, and vitamins! Things can taste great and be healthy too!

Day 7: Supplements (Vitamin D, CopaCalm and PureNutrients Gummies)

Supplements: Taking care of your own immune system is always crucial, especially during these cold winter months! Here are three ideas that are perfect for the family.

Vitamin D: While the days are getting shorter it is crucial to supplement Vitamin D. Long nights and cold temps are two cues to up that Vitamin D3 to provide your body with the boost it needs! When there is less sunlight, often absorbing the necessary amount of vitamin D via the sun becomes nearly impossible in this part of the world.

Copa Calm: Anxiety can be exemplified during the holidays, so this supplement can be very beneficial to help provide a state of relaxed focus without drowsiness. It proves especially useful at the time of a stressful occurrence or in anticipation of a stressful event. CopaCalm can help support good sleep, good vibes and positive thoughts (the label has more details if you want to read on!) 

PureNutrients Gummies: These gummies are perfect for the kiddos! They are an easily absorbed multivitamin designed to support optimal health with a blend of vitamins and minerals…and the best part is the fact they are gummies! What better way to get your nutrients than through a gummy vitamin!

We also have a wide variety of other supplements in the clinic to best serve you. Or we can connect you to FullScript – an online dispensary!

Day 8: Bath Bombs/Salts, Essential Oils

Bath bombs: Natural bath bombs or Himalayan salt bombs can be such an amazing way to unwind and relax after an exhausting day of work or chasing after the kiddos. Pop a bath bomb in a tub of warm water and let your stresses melt away. Or throw in some epsom salts to help soothe tired muscles and reduce swelling.

Essential oils: With a wide variety of uses, some fantastic therapeutic grade essential oils can serve the whole family. Oils smell wonderful while also providing health benefits that can be applied in many different manners ranging from topical use to diffusing to creating household cleaning products.

Day 9: Local “Self Care” Services (Massage, Doulas, Acupuncture and Craniosacral Therapy)

Massage: Self-care is always a must and what better way than some relaxation in a form of massage to help loosen up some of your muscle tension. Did you know that Family First has an in-house massage therapist on Mondays and Wednesdays? You should definitely check out Green Oaks Massage! This holiday season is a great time to boost yourself up with a 10 minute chair massage (or even a 60 minute massage). Chat with Curt today!

Doula Services: For those pregnant mamas or those mamas-to-be, consider having a doula at your next birth. These wonderful providers are trained professionals who provide continuous physical and emotional support to mothers before, during, and just after birth. Cassandra at Joyful Beginnings is absolutely amazing, go check her out!

Joyful Beginnings

Some other “fun” self-care modalities would include acupuncture and craniosacral therapy. These forms of healing are super fantastic, especially when combined with chiropractic care! Reach out and we will get you the names of some wonderful providers in the area!

Day 10: Local Restaurants (PLNT BSD and Ingredients Cafe) 

PLNT BSD: As a smoothie bowl fanatic, the foods offered at Plnt Bsd are amazing! If you are looking for some awesome, healthy options that are vegan without compromising any flavor or nutrients look no further than PLNT BSD! Of course, there is nothing better than to support local this holiday season-or anytime of the year, for that matter!


Ingredients Cafe: A favorite of the team here at Family First Chiropractic! We’ve gotten together for numerous team meetings here while being able to enjoy a delicious meal sourced with fresh, quality ingredients.

Ingredients Cafe

Day 11: Local Stores and Products (The Olive Branch Oil & Spice Company, Sassafras and Bamboo Switch) 

The Olive Branch Oil & Spice Company: Another local favorite in WBL! So many wonderful oils, vinaigrettes, and spices are offered here. Oh, and don’t forget about the awesome pasta options they provide as well, including some delicious gluten-free options that will actually hold up when cooked while still maintaining their flavor.

The Olive Branch Oil & Spice Company

Sassafras Health Foods: They carry over 3500 products that can support you on your quest of achieving and maintaining health and wellness. There are so many supplements available to pick up on the spot, as well as other self care products available. 


Bamboo Switch: Now is the time to make the switch to a sustainable lifestyle! All of the products are natural, antibacterial, organic, compostable and therefore…sustainable! What a perfect opportunity to help the planet while utilizing fantastic products. 

Bamboo Switch

Day 12: “Experiences” (Winterfest, Create Space and Eagles Nest Indoor Playground)

White Bear Lake has a ton of wonderful experiences during this time of the year with plenty of opportunities that are free. Saturday mornings: don’t forget to check out Winterfest for the long-standing holiday attractions. Horse-drawn trolley rides, elf hunts, santa, prizes and giveaways…what an amazing variety of activities!


Create Space in downtown WBL is another awesome space to allow for a fun afternoon or evening of creativity! It is a DIY studio that offers custom wood signs, make-it-yourself home decor, corn hole games, wreaths, ceramics, and more.

Create Space

Eagles Nest Indoor Playground would be a fantastic and engaging place to bring the whole family! With structures ranging from web towers to walk-on piano keys to an entire area dedicated to toddlers there is sure to be something for everyone.

Eagles Nest Indoor Playground

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