Let’s talk about choice for a sec. We have the choice each and everyday to show up and create the world we want. So why don’t we? Some say, motivation or accountability…Whatever the reason it is a real deal to not show up or show up. So, what’s the key?…Action! Devise a plan, build a system that works, grab some buddies and most of make it FUN! Let’s read on….

Have you made the decision that this year/season you are going to loose weight? Maybe this is the time you are going to workout…strength train…start running…do a Whole 30…drink more water…meditate…etc… you can fill in the blank… Yet, fast forward 2 weeks, maybe a month and you already find yourself loosing momentum and giving up.

So…why did you quit? Why do you keep quitting and giving up on yourself?

Are you expecting perfection? If you can’t do it “right”, you won’t do it at all…..for example..if you can’t work out for the full 30 minutes, you won’t do it at all. If you can’t do the whole Whole 30, you aren’t going to eat clean or try any of the recipes or ideas that make 30 days of clean eating successful…. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed? There couldn’t possibly be any more time or energy left in my day after working, taking care of the kids, cleaning the house, etc…to put towards myself.

I know there are many times I feel this way!

One thing I have learned is the more action I take the better, no matter what the action is….The more consistent I am the better…because results come from CONSISTENCY not PERFECTION!

A journey towards better health can be frustrating and overwhelming, and it may feel as if you have literally no time or energy to put towards exercise or stretching, drinking more water, etc….I get it…I have often felt the same way too!

Here’s 1 thing I have learned…JUST TAKE SMALL STEPS. ????‍♀️????‍♂️

1 step at a time…One 5 minute exercise…missed a day? Forget about it! Do it today and just keep moving forward! Small steps add up to consistency. Consistency adds up to results!

TAKING IMPERFECT ACTION WORKS! ???? Just as Newton’s Law of Motion tells us: an object in motion will stay in motion

And here’s what happens…

  • Imperfect action=Motion
  • Motion=Momentum
  • Momentum=Excitement
  • Excitement=Results

So, I want you to try to embrace this mantra… “I will move toward my goal with imperfect action and be consistent!”

Got it? Great!

Now, go take the next action you’ve been putting off! Do your workouts, love the feeling of strength and movement. Drink your water and love the feeling of more energy and better hydration. Do it….consistently! 🙂

I will be cheering you on all the way through your imperfect but consistent actions! ????❤️

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