Julee Kittleson

Two decades ago Julee experienced a complication during pregnancy that changed her life forever. Her baby was breech and she endured an ECV, a very painful procedure in which the doctors manually turned her baby into the birthing position. Unfortunately, within the day, the baby changed back and was breech again. Julee visited her chiropractor who also practiced energy work and within a week of energy sessions and simple adjustments, her baby was in the correct birthing position and Julee was able to have a natural birth.

Because of that experience Julee became curious about other integrative methods for health and she deepened her desire and personal skills towards wellness. She continued with her chiropractor who also provided integrative energy work to help keep the adjustments in place longer. This helped Julee move through the stresses of life with more ease, which empowered her to succeed in her other wellness goals.

In 2009, Julee attended the Meta Institute and became a Certified Therapeutic Coach®, Certified Reiki Master Practitioner & Certified Spiritual Mentor. After 30 years of experience with integrative health, Julee joined Dr. Angela Elliot’s practice to help people heal their mind, body and spirit and move towards optimal wellness.

How Reflections Reiki & Coaching Can Help You

  • Understand and know your body better
  • Deeply connect with the wisdom of your body and its ability to heal itself
  • Ease pregnancy concerns and anxiety
  • Prepare the mind and body for childbirth  
  • Get more connected to your spirituality
  • Notice and release emotional trauma to transform pain into peace
  • Reflect on and feel connected to your core values and purpose
  • Change and improve relationships and authentically connect to others
  • Integrate mind, body and spirit
  • Learn how to move through pain and crisis with ease

Sessions with Julee are typically 1-2 hours in length

  • For Dr. Angela Elliott patients: 100.00 per hour
  • For people who are not patients of First Chiropractic: 150.00 per hour

Reflections Transformational Life Coaching and Reiki Services, LLC