Hey Y’all. Kristine here. 

Here we are in March 2022. 

Like many of you and (maybe more than most), I am ready to get outside more minutes per day than I have in recent weeks! Some #hygge principles have carried me through winter (and are an enjoyable part of my whole lifestyle); and I feel freshly inspired to get outside, get moving and get refreshed in spring. I am ‘hungry’ for the fresh spring air, the sloppy slosh of melting snow beneath my boots, the ascending temperatures more normatively (yes, I know some snow usually hits us in March!) and the hope-filled promise of flower blossoms. I really do connect with the beauty of nature!

Perhaps you feel the same way. 

If so, I want to invite you to a special challenge! Our office teammates and you, our practice family, are collaborating together for a different kind of March ‘madness’, but instead we’ll call it a March Match-Up!

Match yourself to –

More exercise minutes per day, or

More water ounces per day. 

That’s it. 

Meet your match – and just level-up the intention to match your own goal. Just a bit more water or just a bit more exercise.

This month’s wellness invitation and challenge is a sustainable one, not a spectacular one.

I am going to spend my March Match-Up focusing on specific exercise stretches per day. I can discern that it’s what my body needs. My lifestyle includes exercise and water (though it hasn’t always, ask me about it, I’ll share the story!), but what I want to improve on is functional movement to really support my body’s current obstacles (hello hip flexor stretches – comin’ at ya!).

What does YOUR body need? 

For you, exercise may be guided movement or walking to the neighbor’s mailbox and back. You might choose to add an additional 10 ounces of water per day. Give yourself the gift of unvarnished authenticity to name where you’re currently at … and then… now we know where to go from here!

For our pregnant and post partum mommas out there:: Did you know we have an APP? Our app has some guided exercises and stretches that may help you. Click here to preview our app for your March Match Up. 

We’d really love to hear about your March Match Up choices, so share with us when we get to see you. We’ll celebrate your successes and we’ll cheer you on!

Check out our social pages and our app for some insight on topics like posture, babies & fascia, diastasis recti and exercise recovery! Our heart is to equip and resource you for LIFE, vibrant life. 

If you crave inspiration, dial in to some of these resources: 

Pilates or Barre or Yoga?

How Yoga Changes your Brain (it’s a good thing!)

Starting a Fitness Routine

Water Benefits

Dynamic Stretching

Chair Yoga

If you need an at-home fitness app with trainers to help you on your form and give you the exact layout of the work out here are some ideas: 

Yoga with Adrienne YouTube Channel


Family First Chiro 


*I, Kristine, have used this one for over a year – I enjoy that it has a variety of workouts from Yoga to Barre to strength training to stretching; and even HIIT or Kickboxing. I find that it helps me plan and prepare for my daily workouts. 

NTC – Nike Training Club

*Again, Kristine here, I have been utilizing this resource for over 8 years. I appreciate the varying levels of intensity, ability and formats of exercise offered! It’s just one way to engage in exercise each day. 

AlphaMamma Fitness

*Specific support for pregnant and post partum mamas who want to recover from diastasis recti and restore your core!

Moms into Fitness 

*If you’re looking for a workout program with some motivational direction, you might find some great support here!


7M Workout

PopSugar FitnessYouTube Channel

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