Frightening Fact: An estimated 25-40% of bottled water is merely tap water

Now that summer is officially here, make sure you and your family are staying well hydrated! Just be sure to read the labels of what you’re drinking as some of the new ‘fad waters’ may actually have more harmful ingredients than good!

Fruit & Vitamin Waters:

One of the growing trends in bottled water is fruit and vitamin-enhanced waters. They sound like an easy way to pack in more nutrients, but in actuality don’t provide any true health benefits. The quality of these products is based on the quality of the water and the substances added. People are better off with a natural mineral water than drinking synthetic nutrients – not to mention sweeteners and artificial colorings which are also frequently added to these kinds of water. Children especially should avoid artificial colorings as they have been linked to ADD/ADHD and other issues.

Recommended Drinking Water for Daily Use:

The best choice when it comes to water is a quality in-home filtration system. You can also purchase countertop water filters. Do your research before investing as there are a variety of choices and considerations to take into account. Be sure to look for those that take out as many contaminants as possible, including fluoride. You can also have pure water delivered to your doorstep. Once again, be sure to research the quality of water available through water delivery companies in your area, as they can vary greatly. The next best choice is to fill your own water jugs at a water dispenser kiosk that uses a reverse osmosis filtration system. It’s the purest water you can get at the most economical price.

For a Refreshing Treat:

Instead of flavored waters that contain sweeteners or other questionable ingredients, try adding different combination of sliced fruit to your water and let steep in the refrigerator. Another option would be to add 1-2 drops of your favorite citrus essential oils (grapefruit, lemon, lime, etc.) in a glass water bottle.

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