We are getting so excited to watch the amazing Summer Olympics next week and invite all of you to join us in a special 10-day Challenge!

Just as the athletes strive to have excellent health and wellness, we know they commit to years of healthy eating, exercise, and good rest. We have created our own Family First Champion Challenge for all of you with the hope of celebrating healthy successes you and your family may enjoy together.

Our Challenge will take place during the Summer Olympics, July 23-August 8.

Beginning July 21, you will receive a Challenge sheet with 10 healthy wellness goals. The Champion Challenge sheet will be available online, or in person. As a family, or individually, choose the challenges you plan to do. Involve your kids and have fun choosing together.

Challenge Medals

Complete 2-4 boxes for a Bronze Medal

Complete 5-7 boxes for a Silver Medal

Complete 8-10 boxes for a Gold Medal

We will be showcasing medal winners on a wall in the lobby. As you complete a medal level, please let us know. We will display your bronze, silver, or gold medals on the wall recognizing your achievements throughout the Champion Challenge.

Your engagement on social media is highly valued and we invite you to share comments about the goals you are accomplishing at home. We will be able to cheer for each other and celebrate you with this platform, as well.

We believe all of you are champions and your wellness goals are already GOLDIt is our privilege and desire to lock arms with you as we achieve wellness excellence together!

Download the challenge sheet below to get started!

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