We are here for you! We will be taking extra precautions and they are as follows…

1. We will be putting away all toys, books, etc for the time being.

2. We will not be offering apples or mints.

3. We will clean each table after every use.

4. We ask that when you come in please use hand sanitizer or wash your hands before coming back for your adjustment.

5. We will be using table 1, 3 and the exam room to provide people with more space while they are in the office. 

6. Dr. Angie will be using hand sanitizer/washing hands in between every person.

7. If you are feeling sick, have a fever, cough or other upper respiratory challenge…this is the one time we will ask you to not come in to prevent sharing with anyone else. 

You’re adjustments are more important than ever right now and we are not afraid of this virus but we are being smart and taking extra precautions.